Profigener - a Cutting Edge Software Testing Digital Agency

Profigener is a cutting edge software testing agency that can add significant value to your mobile and web solutions for personal and enterprise use.

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About Profigener

We are a different kind of software testing agency. Our mission is to solve business problems by delivering high quality services in software testing at the best price.

We pay special attention to tasks details at the initial development of the project and always work for the result.

Documentation Development: Test Plans, Test Cases, Use Cases, Test Matrices, Traceability Matrix, Check Lists, Bug Reports, Software Requirement Specifications

Bug Tracking: RedMine, Pivotal, Asana, Trello, JIRA

Technology Stack: JavaSE, JavaME, JavaScript, HTML/XHTML, CSS, XML, HTTP/HTTPS, ObjectPattern, JUint4, UiAutomateviwer, TestNg, Selenium, RegularExpr

Tools: IntelliJ, Eclipse, NetBeans, JCreator, PhpStorm, Sublime Text, MonkeyTalk, Uiautomator Viewer, PuTTY, VirtualBox, WinSCP, FileZilla, TightVNC Viewer, SQLYog Community, MySQLWorkbench, Open Server, XAMPP, TortoiseSVN, GitHUB, SmartGit, Xenu, JSky

Mobile web/app: ADB, ADT, uiautomatorviewer, MankeyTalk, Remote Debugging, User-Agent Switcher, WD etc

Security Testing: SQL injections, XSS

Methods: Waterfall, SCRUM, Agile,Getting Real, FDD

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7-120, Kaupmehe str., Tallinn, 10114, Estonia
phone: +372 525 07 57

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